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Are Health Cards Accepted As Valid Id

Life is unpredictable at all stages. Because unexpected things can happen at any point in time. Apart from the much-needed requirement of happiness in life. It is also required to have financial stability at most points of time. But, unfortunately, several people face monetary shortages at one point or the other.

Arranging finance out of your usual payday is the only viable solution to deal with the emergency. There are two ways to do that either by asking for personal financial help from near or dear ones. Or it could be applying for e-transfer payday loans in Canada 24/7 online. Well, the best way is to apply for a short-term loan in Canada, without thinking much. An extensive range of information is available on payday loans in Canada related it the amount, time duration, eligibility criteria, and more.

Here, our primary focus is taking up some uncommon things that might ask by interested borrowers. Payday City has prepared a list of questions that might crop up at the time of applying for this loan. Thus, you need to be prepared with the best answers by reading this blog.

So, Spare Your Next 5-Min To Know Important Information About Payday Loans Canada Instant Approval.

  1. What Status Does a Borrower Need to Maintain?
  2. What Sources of Income are Acceptable for Payday Loans?
  3. Are Health Card Accepted as ID Card?
  4. How many scores of Credit Rating is Good to Maintain?
  5. Let’s start the discussion.

What Status Does a Borrower Need to Maintain?

There is always a similar set of information available concerning payday loans which are borrower has to be a salaried individual. But there is no particular cap on the salary is mentioned that the borrower must be earning. It appears more like a misconception in the minds of people whether to apply for this instant cash loan or not and on what sort of salary and status ground.

Well, the simple answer to this is maintaining the status according to the offered loan amount. It means if the lender is offering $100-1500, then your monthly payments must be up to $1500 but not less than $100. Even the amount can be increased and so as the loan amount. In short, your living status should match the loan offering and the amount itself. Therefore, it is always advised to check for the loan amount first before applying.

What Sources of Income Are Acceptable for Payday Loans?

That’s a valid question to ask while applying for a payday loan Canada direct lender approval from your laptop or smartphone. Many borrowers have the idea of having a private job required to apply for this loan. In reality, it is one of the income-proof ways you can show to lenders.

Other Than This, There Are Other Income Proofs As Well.

  • Unemployed Benefits Proof: There might be a situation of having no job at the moment. It could be due to the aftereffect of the pandemic or due to the shutdown of your office. No matter whatever it may be, you can showcase living on unemployment benefits with the assistance of federal body support. It showcases your current inability of not having a stable job and still receiving small monetary help from the federal body. Despite that, you have several expenses to cover and you think of applying for unemployment loans in Canada. So, at this point, your unemployed benefits income will be accepted as valid proof.
  • Disability Benefits Proof: Despite unemployment due to job loss or company shut down. There could be another reason for that. And, that is facing a disability situation. It means you are not physical or mentally capable to work or might be undergoing treatment or so. Thus, you can show your disability benefits status to loans that accept disability benefits and apply for a small loan effectively.

Are Health Cards Accepted as ID Cards?

A small yet peculiar query you might be having is regarding the identification proof. There are times when you do not have a valid ID card to showcase to lenders online. At this point, you might think to show your health card. Well, it is acceptable to be considered as proof of your identification. But only under one condition and i.e., all personal details mentioned on your health care must be correct and complete.

How many scores of Credit Rating is Good to Maintain?

A majority of borrowers take a sigh of relief that the credit checking score feature is not followed in payday loans. It helps bad credit holders to apply for the loan swiftly and get guaranteed instant approval. In the midst of all this, people forget to make out the fact that what if their credit rating is in a good position. So would this benefit the payday loan process?

Well, the answer to that is yes it will be useful in your position itself. In case, you have a credit score above 650, then you have bright chances of getting payday loan approval at a lower interest rate. In general, the credit ratings vary from 300-to 900. And, 650 is an average one. So, if you go beyond 650, then it will be good for you.

Even if you do not have that score in place, still you can maintain the same by making all payments on time. Mainly, your loan, debt, and credit card timely payment matter a lot while improving your credit scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this financial assistance extendible?

No, a payday loan is not extendible and is always limited to the specified duration of time only. Although, it is commonly seen that some borrowers who fail to make the repayment on time keep on extending the time limit with an added amount of late payment charges.

What if a borrower is unable to pay on the due date?

It will automatically lead to the next payment date with the added late payment charges. And, for that, you need to look at your province’s charges that differ from one another in Canada.

Is there any court procedure involved in a payday loan?

No, the court or judiciary is involved d the financial process which is there between you as a borrower and an online private lender loan in Canada. The situation of court occurs on the part of the recovery team when you fail to make the repayment for an extended period.

How can I maintain a track record of loan repayment?

Either you can do it manually or remember the date every time, if you had opted for the auto-debit option in the bank account, then you can check your statement online.

How does the lender know my current financial condition?

Payday loan lender does not look at your present financial condition. They have nothing to do with the same. The only thing matters for them are your monthly fixed income from any of the valid sources. Based on that only your financial condition is reflected in the eyes of the lender.


Payday City offerings always provide emergency financial assistance when you need it the most. It helps arrange fast cash without much hassle, time consumption, and documentation. Thus, it is imperative to have your doubts and questions ready to ask directions from a lender and get a substantial answer of the same.

So, always try to stay one step ahead of getting financial assistance information. Read blog this and more to acquire relevant details beforehand that clear all the queries well in advance. Wait no more! Apply for Payday Loans in Canada Online!

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